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Engineering in changing times

Reminiscences of a New Zealand civil engineer

Graham Ramsay


Out of print
356 pages, paperback


Over a career spanning 50 years, Graham Ramsay experienced many changes in the civil engineering profession.

In 1966 engineers had a mainly technical role relying on simplified analyses, slide  rules, and manual drafting techniques. Fast forward to 2016 and advancing technology had revolutionised the profession, allowing more comprehensive and sophisticated investigations, testing and analyses. And computers also meant the arrival of word processing, computer-aided draughting and graphics, the internet and email.  In addition, changes in legislation and the expectations of society have meant that civil engineers are now expected to become involved in public consultation and consider the environmental impacts of projects.

This book describes a wide range of projects Graham was involved in with the Ministry of Works and Development between 1973 and 1988 and with Beca Consultants from 1988 to 2016. Using these projects,  he has shown how engineering has changed over those years and discusses ongoing challenges facing the profession and government to identify and provide appropriate, effective and reliable infrastructure.

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Technical papers

At the time of printing, the technical papers referred to in the book are available from the links provided. Note: members of NZ Engineering can access papers for free from informit.org by logging in through the NZ Engineering website and navigating to the RMIT database.

By downloading the pdfs, the reader acknowledges it is for the purpose of private study and that papers will not otherwise be reproduced, stored, or transmitted without establishing and obtaining the prior written permission of the copyright holder.

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About the author

Graham Ramsay

Graham Ramsay was born in Papakura in 1948 and educated at Kings College, Otahuhu and the University of Auckland School of Engineering. After graduating in 1973 with a PhD, Graham joined the Ministry of Works and Development in Auckland. In 1975 he relocated with his wife, Virginia, to Wellington and settled in Paremata. In 1988 he moved to Beca Consultants, retiring in 2016.