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Tales of woe and hilarity

A.H. Bythell


Out of print


“Compact enough to be devoured in a sitting. Complex enough to trigger memories of resilience and triumph … while laughing all the way.”

Tales of woe and hilarity is a quirky look at some characters and adventures in a life of ups and downs, told in colourful cameos.

Over the past couple of years people have had enough of difficulties and stress. Author Ann Bythell’s book is an opportunity to sit back, be entertained and laugh.

Illustrated by Jared Carson

About the author

A.H. Bythell
Being a child at heart, Ann is a colourful, creative, even flamboyant character. She enjoys teaching and encouraging others to find their creative and spiritual space.

Ann lives on the Kapiti Coast with her firefighter husband. She is a mother, grandmother and Cub leader in the Otaki Scout Group.

Ann has written for the Otaki Historical Journal and has had her poetry published in local anthologies. This is her first collection of biographical short stories.