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The boy in the yellow hat

And other whimsical tales from the Autumn Leaves Retirement Home

Mike Doig


Out of print
127 pages


The residents are all of a flutter. The Prince and his Duchess are coming for a visit. Marxist sympathiser George the gardener promises to be on his best behaviour. But on the big day, it’s Old Freddie who causes a stir. He challenges the Prince to a game of snooker and beats him hollow.

Then there is the tragic mobility scooter race, and the time Edna returned from a mystery trip to Sydney. And what happens when Alfie takes a closer look at a Paris painting? Another problem arises regarding the rule about keeping pets.

These are just some of the many tricky moments and charming but eccentric characters who brighten up the lives of everyone at the Autumn Leaves Retirement Home.

A cute review of The Boy in the Yellow Hat written by a retirement village resident in Australia.

Jan 2016

The Boy in the Yellow Hat, by Mike Doig

Crisetta recommended this title in her latest encyclical. It is EXTREMELY entertaining! The author ensures us that most of it is fiction, but he has written characters and situations that are so realistic. One can only compare them to situations in this village. The added enjoyment are the drawings of the characters – which helps while identifying the occupants of the Autumn Leaves Retirement Home. Urge you to read it! A joyful start for the New Year.

~ Gerry S.

PS. Think I will buy a copy!

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