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The minister's cat, Daddy Long-legs & other serious concerns

Stories, poems and memoirs

Colin Bassett


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Colin Bassett’s delight in words was kindled at high school where he won prizes for ‘original English’. However, it wasn’t until much later in a busy life that he again picked up the pen, and in 2004 published a collection of short stories, You just won me in a raffle, and other errors of judgement.

The minister’s cat includes flippant tales, a fable, and stories of fraught family issues, dark deeds and poetic justice. The poems mark thoughts caught in moments of observation, and Colin’s selected memoirs touch only lightly on his career in forestry research, being mostly about upsetting or more memorable incidents and periods in his life.

About the author

Colin Bassett

Colin Bassett was born in Hokitika and spent his early life on the family farm at the Taramakau Settlement. He now lives in Wellington but still identifies himself as a ‘West Coaster’. His career was in forestry, mainly in research, where he became Director of the Forest Research Institute.

After retirement he moved to the University of Hawai’i for five years where he managed the Hawai’i Conservation Alliance. He has had a life-long interest in writing.