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Wellesley College 100 years on

A history, 1914–2014

Bruce Levick


Out of print
soft cover, 192pp, colour photos and illustrations

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Founded in 1914 as the Great War was breaking out, Wellesley College has survived ‘fire, earthquake, financial strain, wartime stringencies and no fewer than three relocations.’

Many famous names are proudly associated with the school’s ten decades, but there are thousands of boys who have been the mortar holding the Wellesley family together. As one leaving parent remarked, ‘You can leave a good school, but a great school never leaves you.’

Author Bruce Levick captures the essence of Peter Harcourt’s earlier books on Wellesley (1989) and Croydon (1990) and adds new insights before traversing the school’s last 25 years. He brings Wellesley brilliantly to life with humour and fascinating detail.

Bruce writes about many of the characters and stories that make up Wellesley’s history, setting them in the context of the socio-economic fortunes of the times. For every story told or character described, there are hundreds more — they are for another day. By the end of this book marking the centenary year, the reader is left in no doubt there is plenty of history ahead.

“This history of Wellesley gives a very real insight into the growth and development of a school so many of us have come to know and love. It gives depth to the Wellesley journey as we read the varied stories of the students, staff and  families  other than our own. Wellesley is unique, we all know that, and Bruce Levick’s text, coupled with the evocative photographs, certainly paints a lively picture of our home between the bush and the sea.” ~ Charlotte Gendall, former Board of Trustees Chair

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Bruce Levick